• 我们仍在这里


    After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New England countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town theyve moved into is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls - and the soul of their lost son - into hell with them. Written by Dark Sky Films

  • 食尸鬼


     GHOUL is a supernatural horror film involving the real life story of the Soviet Unions most violent serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Three Americans travel to the Ukraine to film a documentary about the cannibalism epidemic that swept through the country during the famine of 1932. After being lured deep into the Ukraine forest for an interview with one of the last known survivors, they quickly find themselves trapped in a supernatural hunting ground.

  • 嗜血寄生


    When a brilliant but obsessive scientist goes to extremes to develop a universal cure for all disease, he finds himself infected with a bizarre parasite that begins to transform him into a bloodthirsty madman. Time running out, he must find a way to stop the monster that is growing within and prevent the rest of the world from being "cured."

  • 瞳惑



  • 鬼局之放开那僵尸



  • 亲,别怕


     文艺青年小白(任鹏 饰)被迫住进一处人迹罕至的孤堡别墅,为首富高天(尹贵勇 饰)代写自传。午夜时分,时断时续的幽怨呻吟与凄厉惨叫不绝于耳。小白执灯寻觅,惊见鬼魅凶灵在廊道游荡。   通过高天女友青青(杜雨辰 饰)和怪异仆人刘婆(王千航 饰)了解,小白怀疑自己住进了清代文学大家曹雪芹居住并留下轶事的“京城四大凶宅”石小虎33号。曾有“童仆夜宿其中,睡后多为魅出,不知是鬼是狐”的描述。小白闭门不出,匆忙赶稿打算走人,却已魂不附体!身体被某种神秘力量牵引,飘向宅院禁区缓缓敞开的血红漆门……   自此,尘封秘闻被掘,灵异鬼事频现。一场探底轮回的人鬼虐恋正式开启……

  • 换头惊魂


    脑神经外科专家李伟杰博士在其助手玛丽的协助下 ,成功为一对猴子完成换头手术,引发全球轰动,评估为人换 头成功率占八成。李伟杰的妻子刘熙半身不遂,靠轮椅代步, 李伟杰与助手玛…

  • 通灵绘本



  • 裸命屋


     一年前,小有名气的设计师文森特·史蒂文斯(卡尔·厄本 Karl Urban 饰)向好哥们卢克(温特沃斯·米勒 Wentworth Miller 饰)、克里斯(詹姆斯·麦斯登 James Marsden 饰)、马蒂(艾瑞克·斯通斯崔特 Eric Stonestreet 饰)和菲利普(马提亚斯·修奈尔 Matthias Schoenaerts 饰)提出一个大胆的想法,五个人共同出资购买一处位于市中心黄金地段的阁楼,将这里当作逃避世俗烦扰的秘密基地,其规则是绝对不能让各自的妻子知道。他们虽然拥有体面光鲜的工作和优渥富裕的生活,但是在物欲横流的时代里,如此一个密不可宣的所在正好迎合着彼此内心中最阴暗的欲望。   在此之后,他们各自沉湎在温柔乡的猎奇之旅中,直到某天早上,一名女子的尸体突然出现在阁楼的床上,五个人的秘密昭然若揭……

  • 岩浆毒蛛



  • 居住者


    A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an historic bed and breakfast in New England only to discover that the old house is hiding a dark

  • 万圣节前夜2
  • 邪恶的人


    After a year passes since the sudden death of a child, a family gathering takes place whilst peculiar unexplainable events occur. Tension over peculiar circumstances cracks the veneer of cordiality and dark secrets emerge. Bethany (Sienna Guillory) becomes increasingly unhinged and seems Hell bent on tearing her family apart. Is she possessed or simply playing devils advocate? With the help of a priest and a psychic the family attempts to restore peace and sanity. But events which occur that night could never have been foreseen. Police psychologist Dr Woods (Eric Roberts) tries to exact fact from fiction of what really took place in the house in this gothic horror morality tale.

  • Old 37

    Old 37

     Two brothers intercept 911 calls in their Fathers beat up old Ambulance to exact revenge on a group of careless teen drivers.

  • 三

    A small European town, where sisters Ayia and Mirra live, gets struck down by an unknown disease which takes many lives. Following their mothers death, the younger sister falls ill. Having realized that conventional medicine is useless in the face of the sisters disease, Ayia seeks help from Father Herman, a parish priest and a close family friend. In his house she finds books that are very far from the conventional religion. She gets to know that only penetration into Mirras sick subconscious mind and discovery of the true cause of her disease will give her a chance to save her sister. Ayia is ready to go through this terrifying ritual, dive into the depths of the subconscious mind, and face the demons residing there.

  • 坎卜斯:清算


     Zoe is a strange little girl| with a not so imaginary friend the Krampus who is the dark companion of kindly old St. Nicholas. The Krampus has been unleashed upon a small town and the legendary demon will seek out all the naughty people to punish them at Christmas time. No one is safe as the Krampus hunts them down| tortures them and then drags their helpless souls to the depths of hell.

  • 咒怨·完结篇


    日本人气恐怖片《咒怨》系列最新作《咒怨:完结篇》2月17日在东京赤城神社内召开记者会,女主角正式曝光,由实力派女星平爱梨担当主演。   该片是《咒怨》系列第4部剧场版,同时也是《咒怨》的完结篇。故事讲述了小学教师结衣离奇失踪,姐姐麻衣(平爱梨饰)为了找寻妹妹的下落,推开了妹妹失踪前经常拜访的学生家的大门。

  • 致命拖车


      Best friends Emily and Lesley decide to take a road trip to get away from it all. When Email makes a decision to turn off the busy highway and on to a desert road all hell breaks loose. They soon find themselves the target of a mysterious tow truck that forces them into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, turning their road trip into a living, breathing nightmare.

  • 谴责


    Fed up with her parents bickering| poor-little-rich-girl Maya (Dylan Penn) moves in with her boyfriend who is squatting in an old| condemned building on ManhattansLower East Side. With neighbors that are meth heads| junkies and degenerates| this depraved hell hole is even more toxic than it appears: After a virus born fromtheir combined noxious waste and garbage infects the buildings residents| one by one| they succumb to a terrifying pathogen that turns them into bloodthirsty|rampaging killers and transforms their building into a savage slaughterhouse.

  • 网聊女孩大屠宰


    #HORROR is a film about the lives of six young women| Sam| Georigie| Sofia| Francesca| Cat and Eva played by our young ensemble of emerging actresses. Their world isone of money| success| ease and decadence. This is a film about the HORROR of cyberbullying. This film is a integral insight on the pressure that girls take on asthey grow in a world that is increasingly dependent on the promotion and attention that social media platforms provide yet prevent bullying. as well as the rolesthat parents must play regarding controlling their childs use of the internet and bullying plays such a terrifying role in society. These young woman are tellingthis story inside a glass mansion| filled with millions of dollars of artwork| as if they were living in a contemporary museum with artworks including works by UrsFischer| Rob Pruitt| Dan Colen| Franz West| Steven Shearer.

  • 到处都是鬼:你见过我的尸友吗


    Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!, Good Luck Charlie), Madison Pettis (Lab Rats, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3) and Ryan Ochoa (Pair of Kings, The Perfect Game) lead an ensemble cast in this spook-tacular adventure with new ghosts, new thrills, and the return of some old friends. Max (Ryan Ochoa) only has eyes for Cammy (Bella Thorne), the smart, popular redhead at school. When Max finally scores a date with Cammy on Halloween, Phears, an evil ghost with plans on taking over the world, unleashes his ghouls and things go haywire. With the help of his ghostly pals, Tara and Nicky, can Max thwart Phears evil plot, help reunite his ghost friends with their long-lost parents and still make his date with Cammy on Halloween?

  • 僵尸启示录之童子军手册



  • 暴虫!


     A giant alien mosquito-type insect is drawn to earth from the CO2 pollution in search of blood. Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creature and is on a personal vendetta while the Dr. Kempler is captivated by it and attempts to help the creature cleanse the earth.

  • 他们发现了地狱


    A group of college students are trapped in hell after a teleportation experiment goes awry, and the inhabitants are determined to devour their souls.

  • 甜蜜的家
  • 忍者怪物



  • 丑刻ニ参ル



  • 楼下的人


    A couple expecting their first child discover an an unnerving difference between themselves and the couple living in the flat below them who are also having a baby.

  • 食尸者



  • 寻找室友


    Janie is an ambitious student who dreams of a better life. Dee is a gorgeous socialite who dreams of a rich husband. Theyre already not the best of friends... or the best of roommates. But when Janie gets the opportunity of a lifetime, Dee becomes the roommate from hell as she desperately tries to destroy Janies life. Its an all out girl-war, leaving a ROOMMATE WANTED.

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